Apoptosis Inducing siRNA

Apoptosis Inducing siRNA

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In an effort to understand the physiology and function of genes in mammalian cells, researchers use the technique of RNA Interference (RNAi). RNAi techniques allow researchers to specifically silence genes and their corresponding protein products to develop what is referred to as "knockdown systems". Upon entering the cell, small interfering RNA (siRNA) bind to the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) where the siRNA can bind the target complementary mRNA and ultimately degrade it.

Apoptosis is referred to as "programmed cell death". This biological process occurs naturally throughout the life of a multicellular animal and results in the eventual uptake of the apoptotic cells by phagocytic cells. The benefit of apoptosis is the cells that are killed do not leak their contents out into the body preventing any inflammatory responses from occurring. Instead phagocytic cells "eat" the cells and biologically break down it's components to be recycled for the next generation of cells.

Combining the tools of siRNA gene silencing and apoptosis of undesirable cells, we get apoptosis inducing siRNA. The ability to induce apoptosis through the introduction of siRNA within the cell is a very useful tool for cancer research. Although this technque is valid for human cell lines it is only available for in vitro research. Apoptosis inducing siRNA is available at Altogen Biosystems and acts as a control for siRNA transfection for both chemical and electroporation transfection applications.

Apoptosis Inducing siRNA
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